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Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

By Team TGP

April 7, 2019

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Now that you have your GoPro HERO7 Black, what's your next move? Buy accessories and gear, of course! Here are the best GoPro accessories for travel that you need in your life. Accessories for water activities, adventure, and land travel. All are compatible with the HERO7 Black!


Accessories for Travel and Sightseeing

Sleeve + Lanyard

GoPro sleeve with lanyard


A great way to customize your GoPro is by using a silicone sleeve. The adjustable lanyard allows you to wear it around your neck or wrist. Or you can attach it to your gear so the GoPro is always handy. If you're using the GoPro HERO7 Black, take note that the sleeve covers the front display.

3-Way Grip, Arm, and Tripod

camera grip, folding arm, and tripod for gopro


Why buy 3 separate items when you can get an all-in-one super versatile 3-way tripod? It doubles (triples) as a normal tripod, a selfie stick, and a handheld grip. The tripod attachment can be used directly with the action camera, or you attach it to the grip to extend the height.



flexible tripod for gopro


You won't always have a flat surface for your tripod. That's where the Gorillapod comes in! Its flexible, grippy legs allow it to attach to all kinds of things - a tree, a chair, and everything in between! We love the fact that it's got a ball head which lets you rotate the GoPro in any direction. It even has a level indicator!

Accessories for Water Activities

Dome Port Camera Lens

affordable dome port for gopro


You know those really cool Instagram photos where it's half underwater and half above water? Well they used a dome for that! This one comes with a floating hand grip, wrist strap, and a pistol trigger. To use it with the HERO7, strap the camera into the housing then attach it to the back of the dome.


  • PolarPro Fifty Fifty Dome - Features PolarPro custom optics for enhanced clarity, plus an easy snap-in design for quick install.

Floating Hand Grip

floating hand grip for gopro


The floating hand grip is an essential accessory for pretty much any water activity. GoPro's version, The Handler, has a bright orange bottom that's easily visible underwater. It also features a non-slip grip and a quick release base so you can easily mount the GoPro without needing a screw.


Bite Mount + Floaty

bite mount and floaty for gopro


Do you love surfing? Then you NEED this bite mount with floaty. It'll take your videography to a whole new level! The bite mount is basically a rubber grip for your mouth. It allows your hands to be totally free. It takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you'll be using it for all your water activities. We love that it includes a floaty. If you wipe out, your GoPro will be easy to spot in the water.


Best GoPro Alternatives Under $200

Surfboard Mounts

surfboard mounts for gopro


They're called surfboard mounts, but these little guys sure are versatile! They're great for a variety of water activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, and more.

SuperSuit with Dive Housing

dive housing for gopro hero 7 black


Although the HERO7 Black is waterproof without housing, you need the dive housing if you plan to go beyond 33 feet. With the SuperSuit, you can dive up to 196 feet! One caveat is that you must remove the camera's lens cover or else it won't fit inside the SuperSuit. But not to worry, it pops right off without the need for any tools.

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Underwater Filters

underwater dive filter for gopro


Ever wondered why your underwater videos look so blue and green, devoid of other colors? That's what filters are for, to correct the colors and bring life back into your footage. A red filter is generally used for blue water, while magenta is best for greenish water. You'll find different shades of red filters for different depths. A yellow filter is typically used for night diving. You can also get snorkel filters for shallow water.


Accessories for Adventure and Extreme Sports

El Grande Extension Pole

38 inches extension pole for gopro


The integrated ball-and-socket design of El Grande allows you to swivel your GoPro 360 degrees. It measures 15 inches in length and can extend up to 38 inches, which is great for adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, hiking, and skateboarding. It also has a wrist strap and a tripod mount on the bottom. We love how easy it is to extend. And it's even suitable for water activities.

Head Strap + Quick Clip

head strap mount and quick clip for gopro


Sometimes you just need both hands free. That's where the Head Strap comes in handy! It allows you to take videos while caving, climbing, biking, and more. It's versatile in the sense that you can wear it directly on your head or strap it to a helmet (safety first). It comes with the Quick Clip which you can use with a regular old baseball cap for all your not-so-extreme activities. It also can also be clipped to just about any object up to to 10mm thick. Overall, this is one of our favorite accessories.

Chest Mount

chest mount for gopro


The Chest Mount is indispensable for GoPro videographers aspiring to capture that sweet first-person POV footage. Much like the Head Strap, it's easily adjustable to fit just about anybody. We love the recently improved buckle design which is now padded to allow for a much more comfortable fit

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

handlebar seatpost and pole mount for gopro


This is a must-have for all bikers and cyclists (speaking from experience). It allows you to attach your GoPro directly to your handlebars, which makes for more stable footage. You can also attach it to a seatpost or even a ski pole! The 360-degree rotation at the base ensures you're able to capture the perfect angle each and every time.

Suction Cup Mount

suction cup mount for gopro


If you'd rather mount your GoPro to your car, boat, camper van, or window, then this is the action camera accessory for you! You can get all kinds of crazy and unique angles with this little guy. Just be warned that it's not ideal for high impact activities. The suction is strong, but repeated jolts may cause it come loose. It's best when mounted on a flat, smooth surface.

Basic Accessories Every GoPro Owner Needs

SD Card / Memory Card


Without a doubt, a Micro SD card is the single most important accessory you'll ever buy. So choose wisely! The tough part is deciding which one to get. There are so many different speeds, classifications, and sizes. What is the ideal capacity? What is the difference between read speed and write speed? Here at TGP, we rated the SanDisk Extreme as our top choice. To see our full list of recommended cards, check out the post below.


Best Memory Card for GoPro

Extra Battery + Battery Charger

GoPro dual battery charger with extra battery


We all know one battery just isn't going to get the job done. For all the advancements in action camera technology in recent years, battery capacity hasn't increased much. So do yourself a favor and pick up an extra battery with an external battery charger. You'll thank yourself in the very near future. Trust us on this one!


  • Smatree Battery (3 Pack) and 3-Channel Charger for GoPro - If GoPro branded options are too expensive, Smatree is a popular third-party brand with an excellent reputation for high quality batteries and chargers. In fact, this is the brand we use ourselves here at TGP! Each battery comes nicely packaged in an individual plastic case.

Lens Protector + Screen Protector

Clearex Hydrophobic screen protector for GoPro


Even though your GoPro lens and screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, it's only natural to want to preserve your camera's pristine look. A tempered glass protector will help prevent scratches on both the lens and screen of your action camera. They're also hydrophobic, meaning water rolls right off, ensuring your footage is always crystal clear. And since they're so cheap, you pretty much have to buy!

Lens Cap

silicon lens cover for gopro


For whatever reason, GoPro still doesn't include a free lens cover. Fortunately, these can be had for super cheap! A silicon lens cover protects your lens from dust, dirt, water, and grime. Plus, it won't scratch your lens. It's flexible and has good grip, unlike the hard plastic lens caps out there.

Power Bank

portable power pack by gopro


If you're interested in carrying around extra batteries, then a portable power pack is your best bet. With a robust 6000mAh capacity, the GoPro power bank features dual ports plus a battery indicator.

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GoPro Quik Key

plug and play micro usb transfer of sd card to mobile for gopro


What exactly is The Quik Key? It's a nifty little device that lets you view footage from your SD card directly on your mobile device. Just plug it in, it's as simple as that! It preserves your camera's battery life, plus it's easier to view your clips on a phone or tablet as opposed to a camera screen. Moreover, The Quik Key features a carabiner-style clip and a weather-resistant cover. It pairs nicely with the GoPro app.

GoPro Casey

hard shell case for gopro and accessories


If you're the organized type, the GoPro Casey is a must-have. It stores your camera, mounts, and other accessories all in a compact, weather-resistant package. Just keep in mind if you have a ton of gear to haul around then you may be better off buying something bigger, such as the GoPro Seeker Backpack.

Smart Remote

remote for gopro


The Smart Remote lets you control your GoPro remotely, which is extremely convenient for sports, water activities, and a ton of other situations. It has an impressive 600 ft range and is waterproof at depths of up to 33 ft. We love the convenience of being able to mount/wear the remote in a variety of ways. It occasionally has connectivity issues when underwater, but on land it's extremely reliable.

Tripod Mount

tripod mount and mini tripod for gopro


It's a shame the tripod mount isn't included in the GoPro HERO7 kit because this is one accessory we all need! You have to buy it separately, but this thing is worth its weight in gold! This particular kit includes a quick release tripod mount, a screw tripod mount (which can attach to just about any other tripod) plus a mini tripod.

The Tool


This may be the very definition of a First World problem, but ask yourself: Do your hands get tired from screwing and unscrewing all those thumb screws? Well then The Tool is for you! In addition to its main function, The Tool also has a built-in bottle opener so you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way. And check out the key ring attachment - surprisingly handy!

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