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Best Low Light Action Camera [2021]

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Action cameras are typically not known for their good low light performance. However, for the times when we have to shoot in minimal lighting conditions, we have no choice but to trust that we can enhance our footage using post processing. But which is the best low light action camera? Here are our top picks! 




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Sony FDR X3000

DJI Osmo Action

yi 4k plus action camera

Yi 4K+

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Our Top Rated Products

#1st Rated

Sony FDR X3000

Even in 2019, this remains to be Sony's best action camera. Unlike the GoPro, Sony relies on optical image stabilization that works even when you're shooting 4K videos. 

If you plan to shoot at 4K, better keep your frame rate low so that the camera can have more time to gather light. 

The FDR X3000 is sold in two bundle options: 

  • Body + Waterproof Case
  • Body + Live-View Remote Kit

Click here to see detailed list of specifications and features


  • BOSS (Balanced Optical Steady Shot) optical image stabilization  
  • Longer battery life than most action cameras
  • Excellent audio


  • Bulkier than most action cameras
  • Expensive
  • No voice control


With the FDR X3000's 1/2.5 type (7.20 mm) back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS Sensor and excellent optical image stabilization, it clearly wins the battle of the action cameras for low light conditions. In daylight conditions, it is at par with GoPro Hero 7 Black and Osmo Action. 

So if you find yourself shooting more at night but want to stick to using action cameras and you have the budget to spare, then Sony is your best bet. 

#2nd Rated

DJI Osmo Action

DJI's action camera produces better low light footage than its rival, the Hero 7 Black which also has the same 1/2.3 in CMOS sensor.

Videos taken at night are clearer and has more contrast than the GoPro's grainier and washed out shots even though DJI has lesser max ISO at 1600 than the GoPro's max of 3200.  


  • Front facing screen
  • dust proof, shockproof, waterproof
  • HDR capability until 4K 30fps


  • No live stream feature 
  • Needs case to be waterproof
  • Short battery life
#3rd Rated
yi 4k plus action camera

Yi 4K+

Claimed by Yi as the world's first 4k 60fps action camera, Yi 4K+ is one of the affordable options for action cameras that perform better in low light. 

Although the 4k+ has Auto Low Light, enabling this feature will disable the EIS as well. You will also not be able to shoot in 4K using this feature. 

You can still expect a bit of noise and softness when filming at night using the Yi. Like the Yi 4K, the plus uses the same 12MP Sony IMX377 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with Exmor R. 


  • Impressive Yi App
  • Can shoot in RAW
  • Affordable price


  • No GPS
  • Needs case to be waterproof
  • No mounts included in kit
#3rd Rated

GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro cameras are notoriously known for not having good low light performance. Although, the latest model, Hero 7 Black, offers improved Night Photo mode, Night Lapse Mode, and Auto Low Light settings. 

Electronic Image Stabilization doesn't work in Low Light mode. 

Compared to the Sony, GoPro's videos at night are blurry, noisier, and shaky.


  • Live stream feature
  • Waterproof even without a case
  • Hypersmooth stabilization


  • Occasionally lagging UI
  • Short battery life


Product Roundup

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